Monday, February 8, 2010

Something Special

I made this scarf as a present for my brother, who lives in Russia. It was quit a challenge for me. I really didn't find it easy to make something for a family member. My concern was that he might not like it and if he doesn't then he won't wear it and it will end up in the back of his wardrobe. I kept going back and forth with ideas in my head and then one day it just came together. I wanted to consider his style and at the same time staying true to my ideas. That's what I learned from Project Runway, TV show. Tim Gun always says: "Listen to your customer, but at the end of the day it's your design, so don't loose your identity"...something like that. My brother finally received his scarf after 2 months in the mail (never send anything abroad in November/December! lesson learned again). Looks like he really loves it. He said he can fold it in half and wear it short or wear it long like Vladimir Mayakovsky (Russian poet and playwright). My brother is such a funny guy.

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