Monday, July 13, 2009

Strawberries and cream anyone ???

One of my latest creations. A mini collection "Light and Airy 02" of nuno felted scarves dyed with shibori technique. My friends first impression was...."looks like strawberries and cream" (клубничка со сметанкой). Back home in Eastern Europe (I'm from Latvia but I've spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Russian and Ukraine) often we ate fresh picked from the garden strawberries with sour cream and a little sugar and it seemed like you didn't need anything else to be happy. Some sweet memories from my childhood.

I love colour and in this collection I just wanted a splash of colour here and there, so that the scarf won't be too powerful. The colour came out kind of dark pink, not too bright just what I wanted. Nuno felting (also known as laminated felt and is much preferred term by many feltmakers) lets me create really light fabrics that can drape well and be flowy.

Found this really cute charcoal bubble dress in the second hand store (Reduce Reuse Recycle !). I think charcoal goes well with pink.

Experimenting with posing here.

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