Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tyvek Magic

Tyvek is the tough-to-tear plastic used to make mailing envelopes and also is used in construction. It feels as delicate as paper, but is far more durable. Carol-lynn Swol creates jewelry by monipulating this material...she dyes, burns, tufts and stacks the tyvek to create various forms, colors, and textures. She says:"With each piece I strive to create something that will arrest the viewer’s mind. Once the mind is arrested, then the visual and tactile experience, formal qualities, and wearability can be recognized and appreciated."

Fiesta Bracelet: dyed tyvek, sterling silver

Gradation Brooch: dyed and cut tyvek, sterling silver

Wave Brooch: dyed and cut tyvek, sterling silver

Interruption Bracelet: dyed and cut tyvek, sterling silver

So, is your mind arrested yet ? Mine certainly is, I love that her pieces are so sculptural. The fact that she uses materials which are not really meant for is pretty amazing.


  1. Wow your right they're really beautiful pieces! what an amazing find! I love her website too!